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Describing without understanding? – Wait a sec.

“If Newtonian mechanics is at the bottom of everything, then one should be able to derive the second law of thermodynamics from Newtonian physics. But this has never been accomplished satisfactorily: the incompatibility of the second law with the other fundamental laws is perhaps the greatest paradox in all of physics.
Still, we brazenly drop this enigma into the first days of a first-year course without batting an eye. We write down equations that show how friction slows the motion of sliding objects or dampens the vibrations in springs, but, ultimately, the math merely reproduces our observations while disguising our ignorance of what underlies them.”

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” …physicists invented modern field theories, with impressive names such as quantum electrodynamics. But these theories turned out to be as riddled with infinities as their grandparents, and elaborate ad hoc schemes were invented to deal with the new problems encountered.
And so, despite headline-grabbing advances such as string theory, it goes to this very day. One can hardly challenge the predictive success of modern physics, but one should remember that one is describing nature, and not always understanding it.”
by Tony Rothman
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Two giants made C.S.Lewis go Christian. …here’s the funny half:

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Go buy this book.

“Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly,” G.K.Chesterton once remarked. Despite his considerable poundage, no one took himself more lightly than GKC. In this tiny tome, Dale Ahlquist, president of the American Chesterton Society, takes on a big subject–the 300 pound Victorian writer G.K.C.. Daunting as the task may be, he succeeds in giving a birds’ eye view–Peter Pan style–flying as it were over twelve of the prolific author’s best-known and most-loved books, lighting here and there to briefly explore historical and cultural connections. Read the rest of this entry »

New LinkedIn Self-Aggrandizing Propaganda Added

All true.  All sincere.  All funny-sounding.  I’ve never “Networked”.  I never “had to”.  It’s so intentional as to feel inauthentic: “Hi! Have you taken notice of ME?  I’m really interesting, and what’s more, I’m really good at some things. I will tell you about the things at which I excel.  Oh, uh HEY! I see you over there, because some algorithm thinks one of us might want to virtually aid the other toward some desired outcome.  Etc.”  Well, I’m playing at Social Networking.  Here’s my content as of tonight.  Please suggest edits, lampoon, and criticize, as appropriate for fun, or to actually help me: Read the rest of this entry »

Tagline a better fit.

Maybe now it’s precocious instead of pretentious-sounding.  A step closer to authenticity, I hope.

(for now these first bunch of posts will be like a diary of somebody figuring out their “blog”.)

I’ll aim for a version of “interesting” later.


Post posted.

The Not-the-Debut-Post worked.  So far, so good.  This all counts as progress.  Forward momentum.

Now, why doesn’t my header act like a hyperlink to the blog “home”?  No, I don’t have multiple pages of content or menus with content category destinations yet, but the need will come.

I gotta change my tag-line. Way too pretentious sounding.  It was fun trying for all “s-words”, but the tail wagged the dog.

I’ll be adding categories and some menu-driven stuff like “see how fascinating I am” and/or “click here, because you are interested in my World-view “or “I want to read the books YOU read”, etc.

I’m not sure this “Theme” is the best fit for my simplistic, but specific vision.  I’ll have to crawl through all the available ready-mades to find one that comes closer…

I’d take this thing out of regular web-traffic, except that it’s all but invisible to the world already.  Therefore, while I’m figuring out what next to fix or add, I’ll leave it floating in the www abyss for my small handful of advisers to check out and hopefully “advise”.

My goal is near daily posts.  I’m thinking I will put together a back-log of 30 or so ready-to-post posts, and just kick-in the next in line while this experiment finds its direction / mission, and I get a sense of how much time I have available for how demanding a project.

Later, imaginary readers.

The Hog       (ooooooo,   …already I am mysterious) (and interesting)

not Funhog’s debut.

“Any monkey can ‘do a blog'”.

That’s a lot of pressure on one believing himself more able than a monkey.  This might be a post.  I don’t know yet. All I know, I owe to John Yoder, and my assumed better-than-a-monkey’s brain.  This is but a test.  Who am I “talking to” anyway, right?  Virtually nobody or precisely 1 person:  Me.  In about 1 minute, I think.  (okay, hit “publish” and go try finding my Actual Blog on The Web, then see if there’s a Post present somewhere on the maybe-half-under-control page…)